Most women have some difference in the size and orientation of their breasts. It is a natural thing when there are two matched parts of the body that grow separately and most of the time the differences are not noticeable to other people. There are some women however that have a marked difference in the symmetry of their breasts that can cause them enough psychological distress that they will seek cosmetic surgery to correct the imbalance.

Some women can experience severe enough asymmetry that one breast is a whole cup size larger than the other. This can make finding a bra that fits well an impossibility. While this issue may be relatively easy to cover up with layers of clothing, it is much harder to disguise when dressing for warmer weather. Finding a bathing suit that can disguise the problem is also a very difficult thing to do as well and often will be the cause of women with this issue to not want to swim in public.

Breast asymmetry correction surgery is a good option for women who have a significant size difference between their breasts that they are self conscious about and causes them great discomfort in intimate encounters. The surgery involves reducing the size of the larger breast or augmenting the size of the smaller one. The choice is up to the patient and the surgeon can easily accommodate either preference. The surgery carries risks that can be associated with any surgery and should be discussed thoroughly before the surgery.

Women should also be aware that certain life events such as pregnancy and menopause can affect the size and shape of their breasts and should discuss this matter with the surgeon at length before having any surgery.

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