Following a Sculptra treatment with Dr. Esmailian in Orange County, individuals enjoy a softer, more youthful looking appearance. Furthermore, as time passes and the Sculptra gradually disappears from the face, the body’s own collagen production increases causes in an increase in the skin thickness.

Reasons Individuals in Orange County Choose to Have Sculptra Treatments

  • Bony looking cheekbones
  • Hollowing of the cheeks, temples or chin
  • An undefined jawline
  • Folds running from the mouth to the chin and/or the nose to the mouth (melolabial and nasolabial folds)

What to Expect During a Sculptra Treatment in Orange County

Sculptra is a substance that is made from lactic acid, which is naturally present in the body; therefore, allergy testing prior to treatment is not necessary. Dr. Esmailian performs this nonsurgical procedure at his office in Orange County.

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A Sculptra Procedure With Dr. Esmailian In Orange County

  • Dr. Esmailian determines his injection points and marks these areas on the face.
  • Generally, approximately 45 minutes before a treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the areas of the face that are being treated with Sculptra. There is very little discomfort during the treatment because the Sculptra itself is mixed with lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. Most people have had lidocaine before because dental professionals frequently use it as a numbing agent.
  • Using a very fine needle, Dr. Esmailian injects the Sculptra directly beneath the skin in the areas of the face previously marked.
  • Directly after a treatment, the treated areas are massaged. This is done to ensure an even distribution of the liquid throughout the areas that were treated; in addition, this massage helps prevent nodules or bumps from forming beneath the skin.
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Following a Sculptra treatment, there is very little, if any, downtime. The majority of individuals return to their normal activities directly after their procedure with Dr. Esmailian in Orange County.

What to Expect

Individuals may experience some redness and/or inflammation at the injection sites; however, these side effects will fade quickly. A cold compress or an ice pack wrapped in a towel may be applied to these areas for 20 minutes at a time. Bare ice should never be applied to the skin.

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Treatment Results – What to Expect

Immediately following treatment, the area of the face that was treated will appear filled out. This is due to the sterile water that is used to suspend the Sculptra microparticles prior to injection. After a few days, this fullness will recede.

Sculptra’s true lasting effects take weeks and sometimes months to appear. While the effects do not manifest themselves immediately, they can last as long as two years; whereas, the results attained through other skin injectables may only last for a few months. If you are interested in learning more about the non-surgical treatments available in Orange County, contact Dr. Farbod Esmailian’s office today.

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