For each patient, treatment begins in Dr. Esmailian’s private office. Located in the heart of Orange County, his facility is the perfect starting point for patients considering cosmetic surgery. Upon entering, patients find that the environment itself is very inviting. Additionally, the staff is friendly and personable, unlike the indifference at a large hospital. We want patients to be completely at ease, especially for their initial consultation. Dr. Esmailian has found the best patients are those who are excited and motivated, and our space and staff go a long way towards cultivating that feeling.



Dr. Esmailian’s surgical procedures take place in one of several offsite surgical suites. Each of these facilities is fully accredited, adhering to the stringent standards set forth by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Dr. Esmailian has earned admitting privileges at each of these facilities through his licensure, training, experience and education. In addition to each facility’s high policy standards, Dr. Esmailian also chose them for their swift, effective administration, which gives patients a smooth experience from beginning to end.

For patients undergoing nonsurgical treatment, such as cosmetic injectables or laser resurfacing, treatment will take place in Dr. Esmailian’s office in one of our private rooms.

From beginning to end, we have arranged for each stage of your procedure to be easy, smooth and comfortable. We understand that undergoing cosmetic surgery can be a stressful experience, so we have done everything we can to allow you to focus on the procedure itself, rather than the surrounding logistics. If you have any questions about cosmetic surgery in our Orange County office, please call us today.

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