Primarily addressing the face and neck, Dr. Esmailian’s nonsurgical procedures are delivered by trained technicians who know how to get results. Read below to find out about specific procedures that we offer.


BOTOX is an extremely popular cosmetic injectable. It primarily treats the upper third of the face, eliminating or reducing wrinkles in the forehead as well as crows feet.

Facial Fillers

As the holy grail of lunch hour beautification, facial fillers are a fast, effective, pain-free way to restore volume and texture to your face. Their purpose is to replenish the layer of collagen under the skin, filling in wrinkles and eliminating hollows in the cheek. There are different kinds of facial fillers, each one serving a different section of the face. At the office of Dr. Esmailian, we provide our patients with the following fillers to help them look as young as they feel:


As a premier soft tissue filler, Juvederm can be used in almost any area on the face. It effectively softens folds and wrinkles to restore your naturally youthful appearance. Juvederm is extremely safe and produces a soft, natural result.


Made from a complex sugar molecule that naturally occurs in the skin, Restylane is a perfect substitute for lost collagen in the face. It can be used to plump up the lips and treat folds and wrinkles throughout the face.


Perlane is in the Restylane family of injections. Just like Restylane, it is made from a naturally occurring substance within the body for a safe, biocompatible injection. Perlane is made from larger particles and injected deeper into the skin than Restylane, allowing it to handle deeper folds and wrinkles.


Radiesse is known as a biostimulatory cosmetic filler. This means that in addition to filling pockets where collagen has been lost, it also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. It is used primarily around the mouth to treat the nasolabial folds and so-called “smoker’s lines” above the upper lip.


Sculptra is a substance that is made from lactic acid, which is naturally present in the body; therefore, allergy testing prior to treatment is not necessary. Dr. Esmailian performs this nonsurgical procedure at his office in Orange County.

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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting holds a similar function to facial fillers. It is a method used to plump skin where it has lost elasticity and tone due to aging. It does this using the patient’s own fat, taken from another part of the body. It is done with almost no discomfort and has results that are immediately visible. The first step of fat grafting is removing fat from an area of the body where it is not needed, such as the abdomen or the thighs. This is done with the assistance of anesthetic to ensure the patient’s total comfort. Once the fat is removed, it is processed and filtered to prevent resorption when it is injected back in the body.

Resorption is when the body absorbs the re-injected fat, which contributes to a loss of substance. Once the fat has been purified, it is injected back into the body with a very small needle that allows for accuracy of placement. Because the oatient’s own fat is used, there is no chance of allergic reaction. The recovery period is very short, allowing patients to return to their daily activities almost immediately. Additionally, the results are visible the moment the procedure is finished.

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