Breast Revision Surgery Overview

As a double board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Esmailian can not only deliver superlative breast enhancement procedures, he can also revise procedures that have undesirable results. His breast revision procedure effectively handling the following issues:

  • Capsular contracture, which comes about from tissue in the breast hardening around the implant. This makes the implants look like firm rocks in the breasts, looking and feeling very unnatural.
  • Symmastia, otherwise known as uniboob, in which the two breasts appear to fuse together in the middle.
  • Rupture or deflation of an implant, resulting in a drained, saggy appearance because the implant is no longer holding its shape.
  • Bottoming out, which occurs when the tissue holding the implant in place begins to give away, causing the implant to shift downwards.

There are many other reasons for a breast revision procedure. If you are in any way unhappy with your previous Breast Augmentation in Orange County, give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Revision Surgery?

You are most likely a good candidate for breast implant revision surgery if you are experiencing problems with your implants or the surrounding tissue, if you are unhappy with your previous breast implants (due to implant placement or some sort of aesthetic problem), or if you wish to permanently remove your breast implants. Many patients even consider gummy bear breast implants which are the newest type of implants that use a very cohesive gel to hold their shape well. To be a good candidate for breast revision in Orange County, you should be in good general health and not a smoker. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure is to contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Esmailian.

Your Breast Revision Consultation

Your breast augmentation revision begins with a consultation. Dr. Esmailian does not take breast revision surgery lightly and wants to ensure that a total understanding is reached between himself and his patients. He understands the frustration that goes along with a poorly done breast enhancement and is focused on getting it right the second time around. During your breast revision consultation with Dr. Esmailian, he will discuss the general approach to your surgery. This will include results to expect, how to prepare for surgery, what you will experience post-op, incision, and anesthesia options, and any other questions or concerns you may have. 

Once an understanding is reached with expectations mutually agreed upon, you and Dr. Esmailian will schedule the procedure. Dr. Esmailian takes great care in ensuring he’s on the same page as each of his patients in order to deliver the best breast implant revision Orange County has to offer. Dr. Esmailian tailors each procedure to his patient’s individual desires and needs. He is part of a select group of surgeons who are board certified in both general and plastic surgery, making him a specialist in his field. You will find peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of a highly capable surgeon.

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Breast Implant Revision Procedure

The first step of the breast revision surgery is an anesthetic administered by our board certified anesthesiologist. In most cases, Dr. Esmailian will recommend general anesthesia, although local anesthesia may be an option for some patients.

The next step is the initial incision. Dr. Esmailian can usually deliver breast revision through the previous surgeon’s incision, minimizing further stress on the breasts. In some cases, he may need to make a large incision to ensure the best possible outcome. In either case, he will discuss your incision options during your initial consultation so the proper decision can be made.

Once the incision is made, Dr. Esmailian begins the revision. Because a breast augmentation revision may be correcting a broad number of issues, the procedure is not uniform from patient to patient. In every case, Dr. Esmailian takes great care to eliminate any problem from your previous breast augmentation. After the procedure, you will immediately see the beautiful, natural breasts that you deserve.

As a breast revision specialist in Orange County, Dr. Esmailian has the training and experience necessary to give you the results you want. It is never too late to revise your previous breast procedure and get the results you’ve been wanting. Call us today to set an appointment to receive among the finest results in breast revision surgery Orange County provides.

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Breast Augmentation Revision

The increase in the number of breast procedure surgeries performed brings with it an increase in revision rates. Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon in Orange County who can address the problems that arise from breast augmentation surgery. His meticulous surgical technique ensures that patients have a favorable outcome; which is why Dr. Esmailian can confidently perform breast augmentation revision procedures at his facility in Orange County.

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Reasons Individuals In Orange County Request An Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation revision surgery is frequently used to increase or decrease the size of the implants, as well as change the type of implant. It can also address complications related to previously placed breast implants.

As with any surgical procedure, complications can arise. Breast augmentation surgery is no different; however, should complications arise, revision procedures to correct these problems are available:

  • Dr. Esmailian uses breast augmentation revision surgery to address a broad range of issues. These issues range from a simple scar revision to increasing or decreasing the size of the implants to a full breast reconstruction.

Elective reasons include:

  • Individuals that are unhappy with the size of their current implants and desire to increase or decrease the size of the implants.
  • Individuals also choose to have a breast augmentation revision to change the type of implant they have. For example, an individual who has saline implants may decide to change to the relatively new gummy bear silicone implant.
  • Individuals who have saline filled implants may be able to increase or decrease the size of their implants without changing the entire implant: Instead, Dr. Esmailian may be able to add or remove a small amount of saline from the lumen of the implant. This depends entirely on the type of implants placed and would have to be evaluated individually.

Some of the common complications Dr. Esmailian addresses in his Orange County office include:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant rupture
  • Rippling
  • Implant malposition including double bubble, bottoming out, lateral displacement, and synmastia

A Breast Augmentation Revision In Orange County – The Procedure: Anesthesia

Patients receive general anesthesia during their breast implant revision with Dr. Esmailian. General anesthesia puts the patient in a deep sleep to ensure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure and is truly the best way to perform breast revision surgery.

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The Breast Revision Surgery

The breast augmentation revision procedure in Orange County usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours, depending on what exactly needs to be done. In certain more complex cases, the procedure may take longer than 3 hours.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the procedure begins. Incision placement options for a revision procedure are similar to those for an initial implant surgery. The patient’s preference and recommendations from Dr. Esmailian determine where the incision is made.

Incisions can be made in the following areas:

  • Around the areola.
  • In the fold below the breast.

The procedure is carried out and in most instances, Dr. Esmailian will place new breast implants. These new implants are generally placed under the chest muscle in a dual plane fashion which means that the majority of the implant is behind the muscle and a small part of it is behind the breast tissue. It combines the natural result of a subglandular breast augmentation with the benefits of a submuscular augmentation. Dr. Esmailian takes great care to place the implant in such a way as to not require future revisions. In fact, the Keller Funnel is often used in silicone implant cases so there is a no touch technique carried out.

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The Recovery Process

Patients usually feel tired, sore, and stiff directly after their breast revision surgery, however most patients state that their first surgery with the initial placement of the implants was more uncomfortable than the revision surgery.

During recovery:

  • Scars remain pink for a few months; however, they begin fading shortly thereafter. Initially, the swelling may cause the breasts to feel hard; nevertheless, once the swelling subsides, the breasts soften.
  • Patients should refrain from lifting their arms any higher than their armpit for a few weeks. Patients generally may shower 48 hours after the procedure.
  • All the sutures placed are absorbable and do not require any removal.
  • The majority of Dr. Esmailian’s Orange County patients return to work within 3-5 days.

What To Expect At Your Initial Consultation With Dr. Esmailian In Orange County

When you meet with Dr. Esmailian at his office in Orange County, he will want to speak with you about:

  • Your initial breast augmentation procedure.
  • What you would like to accomplish through an augmentation revision procedure.
  • Your medical history, including medications you are currently taking, vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.
  • Whether or not you use tobacco products, drink alcohol, or participate in recreational drug use.
  • Your family’s medical history.
  • Any questions you have about the surgery or other services that Dr. Esmailian offers.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Esmailian may want to take photos to place in your medical record. These photos are used in the development of the surgical plan.

As a double board certified plastic surgeon, the knowledge, skills, and experience Dr. Esmailian possesses allows him to help individuals in Orange County obtain the look they desire. If you are considering an augmentation revision or any other cosmetic procedure, contact Dr. Farbod Esmailian’s office in Orange County today.

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Orange County Breast Augmentation Revision

A breast revision (aka breast implant revision or breast augmentation revision) is a procedure designed to modify the results of or address a complication stemming from a previous breast augmentation procedure. The majority of women who have breast augmentation procedures are extremely satisfied with their results; however, some women choose to have an Orange County breast revision to increase or decrease the size of the implants they had placed, or to exchange their current implants from saline to silicone gel.

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Choose A Highly-qualified Orange County Plastic Surgeon To Perform Your Breast Revision

While breast implants offer longevity, they are not intended to last forever; therefore, at some point, many women do require a secondary breast augmentation.

To attain optimal results, patients should choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to perform their initial breast implant procedures; however, choosing a highly-qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon is even more important when deciding to have a breast implant revision.

Many women in and around Orange County choose Dr. Farbod Esmailian to perform their breast revision surgeries because these procedures are typically more complex than initial augmentations are. Since Dr. Esmailian is a highly-qualified, double-board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures, including breast revisions, women in and around Orange County know he has the skills necessary to provide them with the beautiful breasts they desire. Furthermore, he has been providing men and women throughout Orange County with beautiful cosmetic, and plastic surgery results for more than 10 years.

Reasons Women Choose To Have An Orange County Breast Revision

There are numerous reasons that a woman may choose to have breast implant revision surgery. Some of these reasons are due to her own personal preferences.

Some Of The Personal Preferences That May Cause A Woman In Orange County To Request A Breast Revision Include, The Patient

  • Would like to increase or decrease the size of her implants.
  • Has breasts that appear asymmetrical or uneven.
  • Is unsatisfied with her augmentation results.
  • Decides to exchange her saline implants for silicone gel breast implants because the silicone looks and feels more natural.
  • Must have her breast implants removed for some medical reason (e.g., a disease, surgery, or traumatic event).
  • Decides she just does not want to have breast implants anymore.
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Complications That May Require A Breast Implant Revision

Besides personal preferences, there are a variety of complications that could require a breast implant revision.


The breasts merge in the center, a complication frequently referred to as uniboob. The gradual medial migration of the implants to the midline of the chest results in the implants touching one another, which makes the two breasts look like a single breast (i.e., uniboob, synmastia).

Double Bubble

Double Bubble – The breast implants fall below the inframammary fold located at the base of the breast. This complication is referred to as double bubble. The implant falls below the crease and there is breast tissue above the crease and implant below.

Lateral Displacement

Lateral displacement – This causes the breast implants to fall too far toward the outer sides of her chest, resulting in a hollowing appearance in the center of the chest when lying down.

Bottoming Out Or Lower Pole Stretch

Bottoming Out or Lower Pole Stretch – This is when the implant descends down in the breast and the tissues of the breast cannot support the weight of the implant and there is excess skin and tissue in the lower pole below the nipple and areola. The distance between the crease, the nipple, and the areola is excessive.


Rippling – An implant has folds and wrinkles that are visible beneath the skin.

An Improperly Positioned Implant

An improperly positioned implant – Issues related to incorrect implant positioning can occur due to poor surgical technique, the development of capsular contracture, and issues related to a mastopexy procedure (i.e., breast lift). Fold malpositioning (i.e., double bubble) includes issues like bottoming out, irregular breast shapes, lateral displacement, and synmastia.

Capsular Contracture

This complication can affect one or both breasts and occurs when the body creates an excess of fibrous scar tissue around the implant. This scar tissue makes up the implant’s capsule; however, some breast augmentation patients develop thick scar tissue that essentially squeezes and hardens around the implant causing the affected breast to move into a position that is higher on the chest, to appear misshapen and feel firm. In addition, capsular contracture can be painful. Certain complications following surgery can increase the patient’s risk of developing capsular contracture. For example, patients who experience a collection of blood near their surgical site (i.e., a hematoma), develop an infection, or have fluid accumulation around the implant (i.e., seroma) following their breast augmentation are more likely to develop capsular contracture than those who do not. One way that plastic surgeons have been reducing the number of patients experiencing capsular contracture is by using the Keller Funnel technique as well as using the inframammary incision for implant placement.

A Deflated, Leaking, Or Ruptured Implant

A deflated, leaking, or ruptured implant – Patient has a deflated saline breast implant, an implant leak or a rupture due to an implant malfunction, an implant that is deteriorating due to its age, or some type of trauma that causes a gel fracture (i.e., tear in the implant’s shell). A silicone implant that is ruptured usually doesn’t affect the look or shape of the breast but a deflated saline implant can cause substantial irregularities in the shape of the breasts.

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An Orange County Breast Revision is More Challenging Than an Initial Augmentation

Typically, a breast implant revision is more challenging than an initial breast augmentation procedure. Since every patient is unique, Dr. Esmailian creates personalized surgical treatment plans to address the needs of each patient. Without a custom-designed plan, providing the patient with the results she desires would be extremely difficult. Since a breast implant revision is more complicated than an initial augmentation is, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to perform a revision is essential.

Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a double board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement procedures. As such, he provides beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation results and he also revises augmentations for women who are unhappy with their initial results, who are dealing with some type of complication as well as for those who would just like to exchange or remove their breast implants. Dr. Esmailian uses a step-by-step, comprehensive approach to provide a successful outcome. If you are considering a breast revision in Orange County, contact our office at (562) 999-3472, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about breast revision procedures.

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Communication Is The Key To A Beautiful Breast Revision Result In Orange County

To achieve a beautiful breast revision result and provide the patient with the look she desires, the lines of communication need to remain open. Dr. Farbod Esmailian wants his patients to feel comfortable with him. Consequently, if you have questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk with Dr. Esmailian about them.

For many patients, the scariest part of a procedure is the things they do not know about it; therefore, by understanding each step of the breast revision procedure and what you should expect after your procedure, a lot of that fear subsides.

Does A Breast Revision Require That Dr. Farbod Esmailian Reinforce The Breast Tissue?

There are times when Dr. Esmailian needs to use some type of support material to reinforce the breast tissue. The complications that usually require the use of reconstructive material include synmastia, bottoming out, fold malposition, rippling, wrinkling, and recurrent capsular contractures.

Who Should Consider An Orange County Breast Revision?

Most women experiencing problems with their breast implants or the tissue surrounding them are good candidates for a breast implant revision. In addition, women who are unhappy with their results, who would like to remove their breast implants permanently, or would like to change out their implants may also be good candidates for this procedure.

Many breast augmentation patients are choosing to undergo breast revisions so they can have the revolutionary gummy bear implants placed.

The ideal candidate for breast implant revision surgery is someone who is in good general health and does not use products that contain nicotine. Nicotine inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself; thus, increasing the likelihood of complications. Patients who are using these kinds of products will need to discontinue use for at least four weeks before their procedure and four weeks after. If you want to learn more about your options when it comes to an Orange County breast revision procedure, contact Dr. Farbod Esmailian’s office at (562) 999-3472 to schedule your initial consultation.

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An Initial Consultation For A Breast Revision In Orange County

Dr. Esmailian recognizes the frustrations that accompany a poor result from a breast augmentation. This is one of the reasons that breast implant revision procedures are not taken lightly by Dr. Esmailian or his medical staff. They want to ensure that there is total understanding between each patient and Dr. Farbod Esmailian.

During Your Initial Consultation, Dr. Esmailian Will Ask You A Variety Of Questions, Including:

  • Have you had any other plastic surgery procedures performed?
  • What medications, minerals, vitamins, and herbal supplements do you take on a regular basis?
  • Do you have any chronic medical conditions (e.g., high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.)?
  • Are you allergic to latex or any type of medication?
  • Do you use products that contain nicotine?
  • Do you participate in recreational drug use and/or regularly drink alcoholic beverages?

Each of these questions is essential because they are asked to ensure your safety during surgery. If you have had any tests on your breasts since your implants were placed, please bring those reports (e.g., mammograms, breast MRIs or breast biopsies) with you to this appointment. Dr. Farbod Esmailian may also ask questions about your family history, especially in relation to breast cancer. Dr. Esmailian will want to know more about your initial breast augmentation procedure. If you experienced any complications directly following your initial procedure (e.g., infection, hematoma, etc.), please let him know. Once all your information has been gathered and reviewed, Dr. Farbod Esmailian will ask you what you would like to accomplish with a breast revision procedure. In addition, he will need to examine your breasts during this consultation.

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Dr. Esmailian Will Examine The:

  • Quality of the skin on your breasts.
  • Position of your breast implants.
  • Thickness of the tissue in your breasts.
  • Size of your current implants.

He will also evaluate your breast profile and the current symmetry of your breasts. Careful examination of your breasts allows Dr. Esmailian to determine the best way to perform your breast revision procedure so he can provide you with the results you desire.

Once all the pertinent information is gathered, Dr. Farbod Esmailian discusses his general approach to an Orange County breast revision. Topics he will touch on include: what results you can expect, how to prepare for your procedure, your anesthesia and incision options as well as what you should expect while you are in the recovery area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to express them at this time. Once you decide that you would like Dr. Esmailian to perform your procedure, he may ask you to have routine tests (e.g., blood work, a breast MRI if you have silicone breast implants, etc.) done before your breast revision in Orange County.

Breast Revision Surgery In Orange County With Dr. Farbod Esmailian

This procedure is more complex than an initial augmentation; therefore, it requires advanced surgical techniques. These techniques demand a level of skill that not every plastic surgeon possesses; however, as a double board-certified plastic surgeon and his years of experience, Dr. Farbod Esmailian has the surgical skill and experience necessary to successfully provide his breast implant revision patients with the beautiful breasts they desire.

Patients choosing to have a breast explant procedure, in which their implants are removed and not replaced, are good candidates for a breast lift. During the same surgical session, directly after removing the patient’s implants, Dr. Esmailian can address the overstretched skin with a breast lift. In certain instances, fat transfer is also performed at the time of removal. On average, a breast implant revision surgery takes from one to three hours. More complicated issues can take longer.

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An Overview Of The Breast Implant Revision Procedure

Dr. Esmailian may visit the patient in pre-op. During this visit, he may make markings on her breasts. He uses these markings for reference throughout the breast implant revision surgery. If the patient has any last-minute questions or concerns, the patient should not hesitate to discuss them with Dr. Farbod Esmailian at this time.


Although some patients may be good candidates for a breast revision with the use of only local anesthesia, Dr. Esmailian usually prefers to use general anesthesia for breast revision procedures at his Los Alamitos office.

A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer a medication designed to put the patient to sleep. This medication is referred to as general anesthesia.

The Initial Incision

Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Esmailian creates the first incision. He usually follows the incision line created by the previous surgeon; thus, minimizing the amount of stress placed on the patient’s breasts. While following this incision line is always his ultimate goal, there are times when he must create a larger incision to make sure that the patient receives the best outcome possible. Incision options are discussed during the initial consultation.

The Revision Begins

Now that the incision is created, the revision process can begin. Since each patient is unique, there is no uniform procedure that is used from patient to patient. In each case, Dr. Farbod Esmailian strategically eliminates any problems or addresses any issues that resulted from the patient’s previous augmentation. As soon as the procedure is complete, patients enjoy beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Other Considerations

  • Patients with saline-filled breast implants may not need a breast revision. Dr. Farbod Esmailian may be able to add or remove saline from the lumen of the implant. Whether this technique is possible depends on the type of implants the patient has as well as the evaluation results of each breast.
  • When inserting new implants, Dr. Esmailian typically places them submuscularly, but in a dual plane fashion. If an implant is placed in this fashion, it means that most of the implant remains behind the muscle, while a small portion of the implant is just behind the breast tissue. The dual plane method combines the benefits of submuscular augmentation with the natural results of a subglandular augmentation.
  • To prevent the need for a future revision, great care is taken while placing the new breast implants. Dr. Farbod Esmailian uses the Keller Funnel method, which allows for a no touch implant placement technique. Studies indicate that using the Keller Funnel method reduces the incidence of certain issues that lead to the need for implant revision procedures. Therefore, by using this method, Dr. Esmailian may be reducing the likelihood of a future revision.

Recovering From A Breast Revision In Orange County

The recovery period following a revision or an explant procedure is usually quicker than that of the initial breast augmentation; however, depending on the changes that are made, patients may experience a bit more pain and require additional downtime. For example, if the breast implants are moved from subglandular (above the muscle) placement to submuscular placement (below the muscle), the patient may experience more pain.

What To Expect During Recovery

  • It is common for patients to feel tired, stiff, and sore after this procedure. Patients should expect to have bruising, inflammation, and discomfort in the breast area for several days following the procedure.
  • The majority of Dr. Esmailian’s patients return to work and resume their social activities within one to two weeks of their procedures; however, rigorous exercises and heavy lifting are usually forbidden for four to six weeks following a breast implant revision.
  • The incision lines will remain pink for several months and then they will begin to fade.
  • Due to the swelling, the breasts may feel firm; however, after the inflammation subsides, the softness of the breasts will become evident.
  • Patients must refrain from raising their arms higher than their armpits for several weeks.
  • Dr. Farbod Esmailian usually allows his patients to shower 48 hours after their breast revision procedure.
  • All the sutures that Dr. Esmailian uses during the revision are absorbable; therefore, they do not require removal.
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How Much Does A Breast Revision In Orange County Cost?

Since each patient is unique, the only way to determine how much a breast implant revision will cost is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farbod Esmailian so he can examine your breasts and determine how to correct the issues you are experiencing or what steps he should take in order to exchange, or permanently remove your implants and perform a breast lift.

Will My Health Insurance Cover A Breast Implant Revision?

On certain occasions, health insurance companies may cover part of a revision procedure; therefore, Dr. Farbod Esmailian encourages his patients to contact their insurance carrier to find out if their policy will cover this procedure.

Dr. Esmailian
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Does Dr. Farbod Esmailian Offer Any Financing Options?

Yes, Dr. Esmailian’s office offers patients several financing options, including CareCredit.

If you are unhappy with your breast augmentation results, or you would like to have your implants removed and your breasts lifted, contact Dr. Farbod Esmailian’s office today at (562) 999-3472 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Esmailian is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement procedures. His skill, caring demeanor, and artistic abilities have made him one of the top plastic surgeons in and around Orange County. Dr. Farbod Esmailian’s office is located at 10861 Cherry Street #108 in Los Alamitos, California

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