Waking up to a face full of pimples is no surprise for most teenagers in America, but when you are an adult it can be very tedious and dampen your confidence. Over 80 percent of teens and adults struggle with acne, and if you have never broken out in pimples you are still not safe from acne which can occur later in life. Hundreds of experts claim that they have the cure for acne, but many of the treatments leave patients with false hope and empty pockets. Fully restoring acne damaged skin can be done with dermabrasion, a refined method of surgical scraping that will leave the top layer of skin smoother and free of unattractive pimples, scars and facial lines.

Other acne treatments may appear to work for some people but can only achieve short-term results. These less effective treatments are myths that the common man is exposed to and will only hinder the path to clear skin.

Toothpaste Masking, Feel the Burn

While it may work for some users, it cannot prevent future breakouts. Toothpaste is a substance that can irritate people with delicate skin instead of treating acne. Normal white toothpastes are commonly used, wheres gels and brands with whitening chemicals or fluoride are avoided. These fixes are only temporary and does not work for everyone.

Lemon Juice Causes Rashes

Properties in lemon juice help our bodies and skin fight against bacteria, which will reduce pimple sites. Though sensitive skin users can expose themselves to rashes and redness with sun exposure.

Tan Lines Over Pimples

The joys of tanning may actually hurt your skin in the long run. Pimples do reduce, but only for a short time. Acne returns more aggressively leaving you with a much bigger problem than before. Overexposure to sun will also increase the individual’s risk of skin cancer development. The sun may dry out and fix acne issues, but the trade off is much worse as acne appears more intensely in the weeks following.

Advil Reduces Zits

Giant, swollen pimples are the worst and can put a strain on your appearance, and the contents of Advil Liqui-Gel capsules can be spread to the skin’s surface to reduce their size. Though the anti-inflammatories can only reduce the swelling, but cannot treat breakouts deep down to the root of pimples.

Peel Away Dead Skin, but Not Pimples

Chemical peels alone may remove the top layer of skin which gets rid of the dead substances and small markings, but cannot effectively remove acne by itself. Scars and markings are treated for but not acne.

Healthy Skin Needs Its Vegetables, Not Acne

Tomato juice leaves your skin glowing, but applying the juice of a tomato to skin will not treat a heavy case of acne. The vitamins and nutrients make your skin brighter in appearance but cannot clear breakouts, the good thing is that it will not make pimples worse.

Soaking with Eye Drops will Not Make Your Pimples’ Vision Better

Everyone loves to experiment with different home remedies for their pimples, and eye drops can reduce redness of acne spots but will not clear up any acne. The underlying oil glands at the site of pimples do not respond and leave you searching for stronger eye solutions which may make redness worse.

For any case of acne it is not wise to pop, scrape or ignore its presence. Acne forms commonly on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. They are largely developed due to hormone levels and heredity, so the remedies listed above cannot properly treat the swollen lesions. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, acne treatment is supposed to heal pimples, prevent new pimples and scarring, and can produce better results when treated early.

Dermabrasion is effective in improving unsightly skin damaged by acne, scarring and injury markings. Removing acne scars and blemishes with dermabrasion leaves skin softened and smoothed by touch and appearance. Explore your options with dermabrasion today.

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