Dr. Esmailian, board certified plastic surgeon, who performs initial and recurrent ventral hernia repairs in Orange County. Hernia repair surgery is a very common surgery performed across the country. More than 100,000 surgeries are performed yearly with a recurrence rate of 20-45%. New surgical techniques are available and performed by Dr. Esmailian for his Orange County Incisional Hernia patients. These new and advanced surgical techniques have proven to decrease the recurrence rate and once and for all fix this recurring problem. The procedure usually requires hospitalization and is covered by your health insurance. The Orange County incisional hernia surgery repairs are performed by Dr. Esmailian in conjuction with general surgeon that he works with for these complicated abdominal wall reconstructions. Orange County abdominal wall reconstructions involve the use of a biologic mesh called Strattice, made by Lifecell. Initially, the bowel is freed away from the abdominal wall and any prior mesh that was used is removed. Commonly, a component separation technique is used where the rectus muscles are advanced as a flap to facilitate primary or direct closure of the hernia. There is reinforcement of the incisional hernia repair performed now with the biologic mesh, Strattice. In certain cases where there is redundant, extra heavy skin of the abdomen, a panniculectomy is performed. Abdominal panniculectomy involves removal of the extra heavy skin to help prevent recurrence of the incisional hernia repair by removing the hanging weight that adds stress to the abdominal wall reconstruction. Abdominal wall reconstruction in Orange County is performed at one of the local hospitals and usually requires hospitalization. You may contact our Los Alamitos Plastic Surgery office, 562.655.8071, to discuss the procedure in detail and schedule a consultation to discuss if you are a candidate for this advanced surgical technique to repair incisional hernias.

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