Long Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Farbod Esmailian, specialized in the breast augmentation procedure. Stretch marks around the breast and chest are somewhat common in women who have gone through pregnancy and breast feeding. During the pregnancy and breast feeding the breasts enlarge dramatically and stretch the skin beyond its normal size. Once breast feeding is stopped the breasts shrink back down to the normal size and in certain cases they envolute, or become smaller than their previous size. Now what is left is overstretched skin and at times stretch marks.

Long Beach breast augmentation procedure can help replenish and expand the newly deflated breast. In certain cases a breast lift is required along with the breast augmentation that is performed by Long Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Esmailian. When a breast lift is performed some of the stretch marks can be cut out and the skin can be tightened. In other cases, the breast augmentation procedure can expand the skin envelope to fill the deflated skin and the stretch marks. This those make the stretch marks less noticeable, however, the stretch marks still remain, but are less noticeable.

To see if you are a candidate for the Long Beach breast augmentation or breast lift, you may contact the office by using the contact form or calling the office at 562.655.8071.

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