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A Tummy Tuck with Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Esmailian begins with a consultation. He will perform a thorough examination and listen to your goals. During this time, he will help you determine if a Tummy Tuck is the right procedure for you at this time. He will take many factors into consideration, including:

  • If excess skin has gathered around your bellybutton
  • If your lower abdominal wall is weak
  • If liposuction left you with excess abdominal skin
  • If a C-section has left retracted scarring



Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos


    The abdomen contains an inner wall of connective tissue and muscle called the abdominal fascia. This abdominal fascia is responsible for holding all abdominal organs in place, as well as the appearance and tone of the stomach. While the abdominal fascia is a robust network of tissue and muscle, it can be stretched from pregnancy and weight fluctuations. In some cases, the abdominal fascia is resilient enough to return to its original shape. In other cases, it becomes permanently stretched, contributing to a bloated, stretched appearance.

    A Tummy Tuck not only removes excess skin following weight loss, it also gets underneath the skin to tighten the abdominal fascia. This ensures that every abdominal layer is addressed so that a properly toned and fit appearance can be achieved.


    Weight loss can be a proud accomplishment. Unfortunately, depending upon the amount of weight lost, it can also create skin that is now loose since it has less mass to cover. In this case, there is no amount of exercise or fitness that can correct it, since the skin itself has lost elasticity. Pregnancy can also cause similar effects. In either case, it can be a burden, both physically and cosmetically. A Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and re-contour the body, restoring a toned, youthful appearance. Dr. Esmailian’s patients regard him as providing the best Tummy Tuck Orange County has available.


    If Dr. Esmailian feels another procedure would be more effective in helping you reach your goals, he will go over it with you. His care extends beyond the surgical techniques he delivers, and he wants to ensure that every aspect of your treatment is proper. He will not simply perform a procedure because a patient has come in requesting it. He will use his artistry and technical expertise to fully assess the situation, reaching a conclusion only once the patient is completely satisfied with the options presented. It is this level of care that helps Dr. Esmailian deliver the best Tummy Tuck Orange County has available.


    How Long Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Swelling Last?

    The major part of swelling last about weeks. After that patient will resume full activity which will lead to waxing and waning of the swelling, especially in the lower part of the abdomen. By the end of the day the area will swell and feel a bit firm, in the morning the majority of the swelling is gone. This will happen usually for the first 4-6 months after surgery.

    How Long Should You Wear Your Binder/Garment for After a Tummy Tuck?

    How Long is the Recovery Period for Full Tummy Tuck?

    If the patient has a desk job, then most patients will return to work after 2 weeks. Patients that are more active at their job may need to take an additional week off. At 6 weeks patients can return to full activity, including going to the gym. All restrictions are lifted at that point.

    Can I wear a bikini 1 year after tummy tuck?

    Absolutely. The key things for a tummy tuck to be hidden is the height of the incision as well as the opening for the belly button creation. If these two aspects of the procedure are performed meticulously then when wearing a bikini it will be very difficult to discern if the patient has had any surgery performed.

    How Long Should I Leave my Dissolvable Stitch Alone?

    Can you have a baby after a tummy tuck?

    Although not ideal, we have had patients get pregnant after a tummy tuck procedure and successfully carry their baby to term. Having a tummy tuck does not affect the pregnancy.

    How Much Weight Can I Lose from Tummy Tuck Surgery?

    A Tummy Tuck procedure is not a weight loss procedure. The skin and fat really do not weight much. How much skin and fat in terms of weight that is removed depends entirely on the patient and how much they have. In general I have removed anywhere from less than a pound and up to 20 lbs in certain cases.

    What Can I Do to Get Rid of Swelling After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

    Swelling is normal part of any surgery. After a tummy tuck patients see the results right away, but they are not appreciating the final results yet. Not only does the area that has been operated on undergo swelling, but the entire body does. It is common to have the hands and feet swollen after the procedure. The compression garment will aid in reducing the swelling in the abdominal area. The rest of the body will slowly return to normal. We generally ask out patients to wear some sor t of compression for the first 6 weeks.

    Can I Tighten my Loose Abdominal Skin Without Surgery?

    There is no other way to really tighten loose abdominal skin without surgery. Skin, that has been stretched from pregnancy or weight gain and then weight loss, will have commonly lost its capacity to snap back. The only way to tighten the skin is to remove the extra skin and stretch the rest of the skin down and take out the laxity that it has inherently in it. So, what we are referring to is a tummy tuck procedure. Liposuction, any form of it, whether it is laser (smart lipo), Vaser (ultrasonic lipo) or power assisted (PAL), will not tighten the skin significantly enough to give an appreciable and consistent result. Some of the newer modalities such as Body Tite that relies on radiofrequency has shown a bit more contraction of the skin over the Vaser and other such devices, but again this is still not very significant when compared to a tummy tuck.

    Exercise after tummy tuck surgery: how long should I wait to resume my workouts?

    We usually want 6 weeks before allowing our patients to resume full activity. This mean the patient can go back to the gym and resume their workouts. Obviously, we ask that you start slow and listen to your body. Everyone is different and everyone has a different rate of healing. You will not harm any part of the procedure after resuming full activity at 6 weeks, but your body may not quite be ready.

    How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Scar Treatment?

    Our patients have a special tape placed on their incision at the time of surgery. This tape will provide compression and stays on for about 2 weeks. Once the tape is removed, we ask our patients to start our scar treatment regime. This usually starts with a silicone gel cream that we have our patients use for 3 month time, applying it 2x per day. After this period we provide our patients with an order form to order and and start applying silicone gel strips to their incision. To have the best outcome from the surgical scars, we ask our patients to use the tape up to 1 year post op. Remember, scar outcome depends on three factors: The Surgeon, The Patient and How well of a scar treatment program is undertaken.

    What Are the Non-surgical Alternatives to a Tummy Tuck?

    Concerns About Tummy Tuck for Stretch Marks?

    Tummy tuck will not cause stretch marks. Any stretch marks seen at or below the belly button before surgery will be removed. Any stretch marks above the belly button generally will remain but will be moved down with the pulling and repositioning of the skin.

    What is the most comfortable and safe sleeping position after a tummy tuck?

    We ask our patients to sleep with their back elevated as well as their thighs. We want to be in a beach chair position. This takes the tension of the incision and skin and allows better perfusion to the area.

    Tummy Tuck with Muscle and Hernia Repair Covered by Insurance?

    No. Insurance may cover what is termed as a panniculectomy. This is the simple removal of the lower part of the pannus (hanging skin) and closure. It does not involve any cutting around the umbilicus, hence it does not address the muscles or any skin above the belly button. It is for severe cases of excess skin and fat.

    What is Average Time for Drains to Stay in After Tummy Tuck?

    5-14 days

    Suture Abscess--dig It out or Leave It Alone?


    How Long After Tummy Tuck Does Pain and Soreness Usually Last?

    Everyone is different, but the first 48 hours is the more difficult time of recovery. After the first two days most of our patients don’t require any more pain medication in the form of narcotics. Most, if they need any, will resort to Tylenol.

    How Will Weight Gain After Tummy Tuck Affect Results?

    If patient gain weight after any kind of procedure, including a tummy tuck, the weight gain will be in a similar fashion and distribution to how weight gain would be before a tummy tuck. Have liposuction/tummy tuck does not change things if weight gain happens afterwards. Weight gain can affect the results which is why we always to operate at a time when the patient is stable at their current weight.


    During a Tummy Tuck, the primary goal is to remove excess skin to give the stomach a flat, toned appearance. Additionally, it aims to tighten the abdominal fascia so that every layer of tissue is draped aesthetically over the contours of the stomach.

    The incision is made several inches above the pubis area, making it easily hidden following the procedure. Once excess skin is removed, Dr. Esmailian will address the abdominal fascia by tightening it with permanent sutures. The remaining skin is then repositioned over the newly tightened structure. A Tummy Tuck generally takes about two to three hours to complete.


    Following pregnancy, many women are left with excess, loose skin that is unsightly and bothersome; individuals who lose a substantial amount of weight frequently experience these same issues. In addition, some people find it nearly impossible to lose those last few pounds so they can look their very best. When any of these situations arise, a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) in Orange County with Dr. Farbod Esmailian can help create the flat, well-toned abdomen we all desire.


    • Heredity/Genetics.
    • Aging.
    • Previous abdominal surgeries.


    Individuals who lose a substantial amount of weight and nearly every woman who has been pregnant have some degree of muscle laxity. If you have a combination of excess or loose skin on your abdomen and/or additional abdominal fat, you are an ideal candidate for a Tummy Tuck procedure in Orange County. The Tummy Tuck procedure is designed to address any or all three of these conditions.


    • You are at a stable weight and physically healthy.
    • You are unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen.
    • You have realistic expectations as to what a Tummy Tuck can accomplish for you.


    Results achieved with a Tummy Tuck are permanent; however, considerable fluctuations in your weight can greatly diminish your results. Therefore, if you are planning to lose a substantial amount of weight or plan to conceive sometime in the future, you should postpone your abdominoplasty in Orange County until you have completed your family and lost the excess weight.

    A Tummy Tuck is not specifically designed to eliminate stretch marks; however, if the stretch marks are located in the areas where the excess skin is to be removed, they will be eliminated during your abdominoplasty in Orange County.


    When you meet with Dr. Esmailian for your initial consultation in Orange County, you should be prepared to discuss:

    • What you want to accomplish with an abdominoplasty.
    • A list of current medications, herbal supplements and vitamins.
    • Information related to any medical conditions, medical treatments, drug allergies and previous surgical procedures.

    During your Tummy Tuck consultation, Dr. Esmailian may also:

    • Evaluate your general health and address any pre-existing health issues or risk factors.
    • Take photographs to place in your medical record.
    • Order medical tests (blood work, EKG, etc.).
    • Discuss what options are available to you and recommend the treatment that will give you optimal Tummy Tuck results.
    • Address potential complications, risks and what you should expect following your abdominoplasty in Orange County.
    • Inform you which medications you need to avoid prior to your surgical procedure.
    • A Tummy Tuck with Dr. Esmailian is an outpatient procedure; therefore, you must bring a driver with you on the day of your surgery. Also, ask a friend or a family member that you trust to remain with you until the following day (longer if possible).


    Initially, your Tummy Tuck results may be difficult to see. Once the swelling dissipates and internal healing is complete, you will enjoy a firmer, flatter abdominal contour. Your abdomen will be more proportionate with your weight and body type. Although you will see your new, slimmer profile within a week or two, your true results may take several weeks or months to become apparent.


    After your Tummy Tuck procedure is complete Dr. Esmailian will stitch and bandage the incision site. He may choose to give you a specially designed garment or bandage to minimize swelling and support the abdomen as it heals.

    Because an abdominoplasty is an outpatient procedure, you will receive information about how to care for your incision site. Additionally, you will be advised as to which positions offer you the greatest comfort while you recover from your Tummy Tuck procedure in Orange County.


    After your Tummy Tuck, you will need to limit all strenuous activities for at least four weeks while you heal. You may need to take a leave from work for up to a month to ensure the best Tummy Tuck results possible. Dr. Esmailian will inform you about your limitations and recovery time based on your particular situation.


    Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

    Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

    Orange County Tummy Tuck Surgery

    Orange County Tummy Tuck Surgery