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Following pregnancy, it may seem a bit cruel that women’s bodies have a difficult time returning to their previous appearance. While pregnancy is a beautiful process, it does tend to create an excess of skin in the belly and droopiness in the breasts. Some women are able to return to their prior shape with fitness and diet alone. Others, however, may have some trouble because of a lack of elasticity in the skin or muscle. Fortunately there is a solution. As a highly skilled mommy makeover surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Esmailian can handle the cosmetic issues that come following pregnancy, helping new mothers maintain the youthful appearance they deserve.


When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, few are more individualized than a mommy makeover. Every woman’s body is different, so the effects of pregnancy are different with each patient. For these reasons Dr. Esmailian strives to deliver a highly customized procedure for each patient to provide some of the best mommy makeover results in Orange County.

A typical mommy makeover consists of a body procedure to address any flabby or droopy appearance in the midsection, as well as a breast procedure to handle flat or sagging breasts. However, because other areas of the body may be affected by pregnancy, there is no limit to what areas may be addressed.


    During and after pregnancy, there are significant changes that occur in many parts of the body, although the tummy and breasts tend to be the most affected.

    The breasts are prone to losing their perky shape during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body prepares for lactation by causing the milk glands to swell. This replaces other fatty tissue in the breasts. After childbirth, these glands shrink, leaving an empty spot in the breasts. The surrounding skin then has nothing to hold it in a lifted shape, causing it to droop or sag. A breast lift can help handle some of these unwanted changes. This is accomplished by trimming the excess skin and tightening the support tissues, essentially lifting the breasts to make them perkier. This doesn’t make the breasts bigger but does make them look more youthful. A Breast Augmentation can be utilized to enlarge the breasts. View the different types of breast implants for more information.

    As the part of a woman’s body directly responsible for carrying a baby, the tummy carries the most strain during pregnancy. As a baby grows, the walls in the abdomen relax to accommodate the increasing size. Once the baby has been born, these abdominal tissues may not return to their pre-pregnancy state. This causes loose skin, stretch marks and bulging abdominal muscles. Women who have undergone a C-section may have the same loose skin with the addition of a large scar. Each of these can be handled with a Tummy Tuck, which can flatten the abdomen by removing excess skin and tightening up the muscles, giving you the pre-baby body you desire.


    When you first meet with Dr. Esmailian for a consultation, he will talk with you to find out what exact results you are looking for. He works with you individually to ensure the aesthetics are agreed on, in order to give you the best results possible.

    Dr. Esmailian will listen to your goals for your surgery, make sure every question you have is answered (regarding insurance and financing as well as the procedure), thoroughly examine you and tell you what he recommends as a trained plastic surgeon.

    Dr. Esmailian begins his mommy makeover with a thorough consultation at his Orange County office. During this time, he will learn about your trouble areas and exact expectations. He will make professional recommendations based on his many years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. By the end of the consultation, there will be a complete understanding about what is going to be done.


    Because each mommy makeover is completely unique, there is variety of ways it can go. It will likely include at least one body procedure and one breast procedure. It may have more or less depending on your situation.

    Dr. Esmailian is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, California. His experience in mommy makeovers and as a skilled Breast Augmentation surgeon gives him the ability to help you reach your cosmetic goals. If you have any questions or would like to set an appointment, please give us a call at (562) 430-7373 today!


    As women age, the breasts’ supportive ligaments lose their elasticity; therefore, the entire breast begins to droop, falling lower on the body. Although this is a normal progression, there are some lifestyle factors that can put excessive strain on the breasts’ ligaments and tissues, accelerating this loss of elasticity. These lifestyle factors include vigorously exercising, gaining or losing weight, becoming pregnant and breast feeding, in addition, genetics can affect the elasticity of the breasts.


    The hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy usually cause a woman’s breasts to increase in size; furthermore, the fat deposits within the body store more fuel in an attempt to ensure a healthy pregnancy. A pregnancy is relatively short-lived; consequently, the body is required to adapt to numerous changes rapidly. Even though the pregnancy is short lived, the affects that it displays on the body are at times permanent and tend to worse with more pregnancies.


    Some women choose to have a mommy makeover with Dr. Esmailian because they feel that their breasts are not as attractive as they were prior to becoming pregnant. Commonly women state they enjoyed the size of their breasts when they were pregnant or when breast feeding, but now the volume has vanished and all is left is the empty skin.

    Following childbirth, the breasts begin swelling to accommodate the milk the body is producing. Once the baby is weaned, the shape and size of the breasts may return to their pre-pregnancy state; however, numerous women notice permanent changes to their breasts.


    • Larger Breasts
    • Drooping/Sagging Breasts
    • Smaller Breasts
    • Deflated Looking Breasts
    • Larger Areola

    These post-pregnancy changes prompt numerous women in Orange County to undergo a mommy makeover with Dr. Farbod Esmailian at his facility in Los Alamitos, Calif. As an experienced cosmetic and board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Esmailian provides his patients with beautiful and natural looking results that a match to the particular patients body.


    During a mommy makeover, there are several procedures that can be performed to address these breast changes. While performing a mommy makeover, Dr. Farbod Esmailian can perform a breast augmentation to address deflated looking breasts; in addition, he can resolve drooping breasts and enlarged areolas with a breast lift. There are numerous types of breast lifts, and each one suits are particular patient’s issues.

    If a woman would like the size of her breasts reduced, Dr. Esmailian can perform a breast reduction during a mommy makeover in Orange County.

    Combining a breast lift with an augmentation during a mommy makeover provides patients with fuller breasts that sit higher on the chest; thus, offering a perkier appearance. Furthermore, the size of the areola is reduced and it is repositioned on the breasts to coincide with their new size and raised position.


    Undergoing a Mommy Makeover that includes a breast lift and augmentation with Dr. Esmailian can improve the shape, size and position of your breasts, as well as reduce the size of your areola. During the procedure, Dr. Esmailian contours the troubled areas which include the abdomen, by performing a tummy tuck procedure as well as addressing the hips/flanks, by performing liposuction.

    Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a premier board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County. He strives to provide each of his patients with the best mommy makeover results. If you are interested in learning more about a mommy makeover or any other procedure Dr. Esmailian performs, contact his office today.


    Although pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are endearing experiences that greatly enhance a woman’s life, each of these experiences can negatively affect the body in numerous ways. Common changes include stretched abdominal muscles and skin, additional tissue in the pubic area, excess fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs, as well as deflated looking, droopy breasts with enlarged areola. Also, the breast size may have increased or decreased.

    For years, women resigned themselves to living with these changes; however, today, women can choose to have a mommy makeover to address these post-pregnancy changes. Many women in Orange County choose to have a mommy makeover with Dr. Farbod Esmailian to address the breast changes that occurred during their pregnancy and after they have completed breastfeeding as well as a Tummy Tuck procedure to help contour the abdominal area.

    Orange County Mommy Makeover Surgery

    Orange County Mommy Makeover Surgery


    Although there are some mothers who can recapture their pre-pregnancy figure on their own through diet and exercise, there are those who cannot: An Orange County mommy makeover is designed to help these mothers regain some of the physical characteristics that were lost due to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

    A mommy makeover consists of several aesthetic enhancement procedures. Since every patient is unique Dr. Farbod Esmailian, who is an award-winning, double-board certified plastic surgeon, takes the time to create personalized treatment plans for each of his patients. By creating these customized treatment plans, the surgeon can include procedures that will specifically address the issues a particular patient is concerned about.

    Mommy Makeover FAQS

    What exactly is a mommy makeover?

    A mommy makeover is referred to a breast and body contouring procedure that is performed once a woman is finished having kids. It constitutes a breast augmentation to add volume that is lost from the pregnancy and body changes as well as the loss of volume from breastfeeding. Some patients may not lose the volume and would then be a good candidate for a breast lift only if the main complaint is droopiness. Some will need both together, a breast implant to add volume and a breast lift to reposition the breast and nipple/areola back up on the breast mound. The other part of a mommy makeover is the body contouring aspect which is commonly a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck will remove the stretch marks and loose/extra skin in addition to tightening the muscle that have been stretched out from pregnancy. In addition to the abdominoplasty, some patients would benefit from liposuction of the flanks for further contouring of the waistline.

    What is recovery like with a mommy makeover?

    The recovery for a mommy makeover general requires the patient to be out of work for a total of 2 weeks. During this time the body is healing and rest is of utmost importance. The first two nights are the more difficult part of the recovery, and we require that the patients has help and assistance during this time. At the 6 week mark, patients are allowed to resume full activity. This includes resume exercise and any physical activity. The body is still on its healing path and will continue to change and shape for the first 6 months.

    Is phlegm in the throat a common problem after surgery?

    After any prolonged procedure under general anesthesia, there is always phlegm that builds up in the lungs. The lungs ability to clear any phlegm, mucus or debris is hindered during general anesthesia, therefore this builds up and once awake the body wants to get rid of it. It is important to perform deep breathing exercises after surgery and to support the abdominal area with a pillow to when coughing. We encourage our patients to cough and clear the debris after surgery.

    Is There Harm with Taking an Antibiotic Before Surgery?

    It is not necessary to take any antibiotic before surgery except what will be given in the IV right before surgery at the surgery center. Research shows that the appropriate time to give antibiotics before elective surgery in within 60 minutes of the time of the incision. We also ask our patients to use Hibiclens (chlorhexidine) wash the night before and morning of surgery to help reduce surgical site infections. You should discuss with your surgeon if you are on antibiotics for any other reason before surgery.

    Is it okay to have plastic surgery while menstruating?

    It is very common for women to start menstruating at or around the time of surgery. The body’s stress alters the menstrual cycle. This is not an issue and should be managed as you would normally.

    How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Using Silicone Scar Sheets?

    I have a set program for my patients as far as scar treatment. Silicone is the only proven product to help scars heal the best and Biocorneum is a great product. It is applied twice a day for the first 90 days. By this time the skin is healed enough that silicone scar sheet therapy can be started. In some patients, if this is started earlier the skin may react and become irritated. I have found that by 90 days the skin can tolerate daily silicone sheet treatment. I generally ask my patients to continue with their scar treatment for a total of 12 months to get the best healing of their scars.

    Are there stitches that need to be removed after Mommy Makeover?

    The only sutures that need to be removed are the ones that hold the drains in place and a few that are placed around the belly button. All the other sutures that are placed are internal and buried. These sutures are absorbable and will dissolve over time. The internal sutures that are used for the muscle tightening are permanent and will not be removed as they become part of the body. The incisions are dressed with a special 1 inch tape that stays on for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Once these are removed, scar treatment may be started.

    How Can I Get Rid of Loose Sagging Skin After Pregnancy?

    Loose sagging skin after pregnancy is the exact issue that is addressed with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. The excess skin and stretch marks are removed and the skin is tightened as well as the muscles to give a flat (pre-pregnancy) appearance to the abdomen. The stretch marks that are below the belly button will all be removed as will any c-section scars that a patient has. Any stretch marks that are above the belly button will remain, but will be moved lower down on the abdomen.

    How Long Does It Usually Take to Wake Up from General Anesthesia if Going for a Mommy Makeover for 4 Hours?

    Every patient is very different and everyone responds differently to anesthesia. Generally the longer the procedure the longer it may take for the patient to wake up from being under. However, with a well trained board-certified anesthesiologist this may not be the case. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist should be on the same page as far as how much longer the case will take. Commonly, I warn the anesthesiologist (although most often the anesthesiologists are paying great attention to where in the process we are) on how much longer we have to go so he/she can manage the time it will take for the patient to wake up. We want to minimize the time the patient is under anesthesia.

    Can liposuction and tummy tuck be done at the same time?

    Liposuction and tummy tuck can be done safely at the same time. The areas that are commonly addressed included the hip/flanks, the lateral thigh, the inner thigh, back and pubis. The abdominal area is somewhat questionable as to the safety factor of liposuctioning the upper abdomen. It can be done safely but it has to be done very cautiously. In certain cases where a debulking is required, I recommend liposuction of the entire abdomen first and the abdominoplasty at a later date, generally once the swelling as subsided (3-4 months).

    Acrylic nails and nail polish during surgery?

    There is no need to remove acrylic nails or nail polish for a mommy makeover. In the past the devices that would read the oxygen levels in the body, which is critical to do during surgery, were not advanced enough to be able to read through acrylic nails or nail polish. However, with the newer devices, this is not an issue. If for some reason we are not able to get a reading from the fingers, then we can use the ear lobe effectively to obtain an accurate oxygen level.

    What is the Minimum Recovery Time for a Mommy Makeover?

    Minimal recovery time from a mommy makeover is generally two weeks. For example, a patient could have the procedure done on a Thursday and then plan on taking the following week off and then resume work that next Monday. That would make it close to 11-12 days. If the patient has a desk job and does not involve vigorous activity or any heavy lifting then this would be feasible. The time frame before full activity can be resumed is 6 weeks. At this time patients are free to go back to the gym and all restrictions are lifted.

    Very dry skin after surgery?

    It is common after most plastic surgery procedures that have dry skin for some time. This is because the nerves innervate the glands that secrete natural moisturizers are disrupted. It will take some time for the glands to be able to moisturize the skin, therefore it is usually a good idea for the patient to moisturize the skin with regular moisturizing lotions. Patients often ask what is a good lotion to use? My answer is use whatever you are accustomed to and one that your body is good with. Now is not the time to experiment with new lotions which may cause an unwanted reaction.

    How Long Should I Expect to Have Surgical Drains After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

    Commonly 2 drains are placed at the time of the procedure. I generally bring these out of the pubis area. The drains are cumbersome but unfortunately a necessity and very useful. They help drain away the bodies natural fluids that accumulate when two surfaces are separated. With limited physical activity and with the use of the surgical garment, the drains will usually come out anywhere from 5-14 days.

    How Long After a Mommy Makeover Before I Can Have Sex?

    This is a tricky question because sexual activity can vary from patient to patient. I generally say if you are taking it very easy then 3-4 weeks should be sufficient. To be on the more conservative and safer side then 6 weeks would be the time frame.

    Is it safe to continue taking Tramadol before surgery?

    If you are a patient who is on chronic pain medication before surgery, then it would be best to discuss your procedure with the prescribing doctor. Your prescribing doctor would be the best person to manage your pain after your procedure. In these cases it is best to let your surgeon know who your prescribing doctor is so that they can communicate and be on the same page to effectively manage your discomfort after the surgery.

    How Long Before Surgery Should I Stop Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

    Patients who smoke and who are on nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch or gum are at increased risk for wound healing issues, infections and skin loss. We like patients to be smoke and nicotine free 4 weeks before surgery and 4 weeks after. Nicotine causes tightening (vasoconstriction) of the arteries thereby decreasing the blood flow to the area. Smoking and the carbon monoxide that is associated with smoking decrease the oxygen delivery to the tissues thereby causing devastating complications. Make certain that smoking and nicotine is completely stopped 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after. In certain patients, medications such as Chantix/Wellbutrin have helped curb the temptation of smoking. In most cases this will be permanent.

    Advil or Tylenol After Mommy Makeover?

    After any cosmetic procedure that we perform, I ask patients to refrain from using any anti-inflammatory like Aspirin/Advil/Motrin/Aleve. These medications can thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding. Two weeks after surgery it is safe to use these products. Tylenol or acetaminophen products are safe to use immediately after surgery.

    Swimming, Jacuzzi After Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Surgery?

    Once the wounds have healed it would be safe to get in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi as long as the Jacuzzi is very hot. A hot Jacuzzi can increase the swelling in the areas trying to heal. Swimming should not be performed until you are 6 weeks out from surgery when all the restrictions are lifted. However, after 4 weeks I release my patients to be able to submerge their incisions.