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Breast Lift Before & After Photos

Breast Lift Before & After Photos


Many women have breasts that are ideal in size, but factors such as age or childbirth may cause an evident loss of fullness and natural perkiness. Various changes in the body can cause breasts to hang lower than they should, or cause the nipple to point downward instead of straight ahead. In either case, a breast lift is the perfect procedure for women who wish to change the shape of their breasts. Dr. Esmailian’s professional care and expert technique provide excellent results for patients seeking the best breast lift Orange County has available. Some related procedures include breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery.


A breast lift, or mastopexy, can be done to handle a number of cosmetic issues, primarily arising from a loss of elasticity and firmness due to:

  • Pregnancy, which causes the supportive ligaments to stretch. This results in sagging breasts whether or not there is breast-feeding involved.
  • Weight fluctuations, which will cause breasts to lose their firmness and round shape.
  • Gravity will eventually take its toll on the breasts, making them longer and less shapely.
  • This stretching may also cause the areola to become larger.

A breast lift is done to restore a firm, round shape to the breasts. Dr. Esmailian has performed countless breast lift procedures in his Orange County practice, effectively handling the following cosmetic issues:

  • Breasts that sag or have gotten longer and flatter
  • Nipples that now face downward
  • Areolae that have become stretched or enlarged
  • Asymmetrical breasts, with one falling lower than the other





    The journey to your breast lift by Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Esmailian begins with anesthesia delivered by our board certified anesthesiologist. Our anesthesiologist’s task is to ensure you are in good shape during the procedure, and he will monitor your vitals from the beginning to the end of the mastopexy procedure.

    Dr. Esmailian will then make the incision. For breast lift patients, there are three primary incision options:

    • Around the areola. In this case, the areola will remain attached to its blood source and nerves while Dr. Esmailian works around it.
    • Around the areola and down the front of the breast, often called a lollipop incision.
    • Around the areola, down the front of the breast, and horizontally along the breast fold. This is known as an anchor incision.

    Prior to your procedure, you and Dr. Esmailian will discuss these incisions. He will give you his professional recommendation and listen to your questions to ensure that you both agree on an expected outcome.

    Once the incision is made, Dr. Esmailian will proceed by reshaping the tissue within your breasts. He may remove some tissue and reduce the size of your areolae if necessary. Additionally, he can move your nipples to a higher position on your breast. It all goes towards ensuring your breasts are perky and natural with minimal loss of volume.  Once Dr. Esmailian is satisfied that the breast is reshaped properly, he will close the incisions with sutures designed to minimize scarring.  In general, a breast lift generally takes two to three hours.

    Dr. Esmailian is committed to providing his patients with the finest breast lift Orange County has available. He does this by listening to your needs and concerns.



    Although for years the popular conception has been that women who seek breast enhancement via surgical intervention are usually attempting to acquire the breasts they never had, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, another group of women are seeking the assistance of plastic surgeons; women who want to regain the breasts they have lost either because of weight loss, breast feeding/pregnancy, or for genetic reasons.

    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that from 2000 to 2014 the number of women choosing to have a breast lift increased by 75 percent. This is a substantial increase pointing to the fact as mentioned; not only are women in pursuit of larger and fuller breasts with breast implant surgery but there is also a desire to regain the look that a patient once had by have a breast lift.


    Women in Orange County frequently contact Dr. Farbod Esmailian to inquire about the procedures available to correct drooping or sagging breasts. Dr. Esmailian can address several issues with a breast lift. A breast lift is designed to give the breasts a perkier appearance by raising them so they sit higher on the chest; additionally, during a breast lift surgery, the size of the areola can also be reduced. A breast lift will reshape the breast to a more youthful appearance and enhance the fullness in the upper area of the breast.


    As time passes, the skin that encases the breast and the ligaments beneath are pulled by gravity. The tissues within the breast have shrunk, which causes the breast to appear deflated with the excess skin remaining; in addition, the nipples (areola) face down, as opposed to facing forward. When Dr. Esmailian performs a breast lift, he moves the breast to a higher, more aesthetically appealing position on the chest, reduces the size of the areola and repositions them on the newly shaped breasts.


    There are lifestyle factors that can cause the breasts ptosis (drooping) earlier than anticipated. These factors include losing weight, vigorously exercising, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Unfortunately, genetics also plays a big role in the process, as we often we see young women who have not had any of the mentioned issues but still require a breast lift to remove the excess skin and to correct the drooping, ptotic breast.


    It is not uncommon for women to have one breast that is larger than the other. Although for some women this is not of concern, it causes others to feel self-conscious about the way they look. The breast asymmetry may be a functional issue as well, as most women complain of difficulty with wearing a bra. A breast lift with Orange County Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Esmailian, can address asymmetrical breasts. Following a breast lift, the breasts will appear more youthful, symmetrical and the nipples will face forward. If there is a need to obtain symmetry from a volume aspect, a Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation with implants can be done on one side to obtain better harmony between the breasts.


    A breast lift is designed to reverse the negative results that the gravitational pull, weight loss, vigorous exercising, pregnancy and breastfeeding have had on the breasts. During a breast lift procedure Dr. Esmailian removes the excess skin, redistributes the breast tissue and repositions the areolae to restore the original projection of the breasts.



    The procedure is performed as an outpatient at a surgery center in Orange County. Depending on if a combination of breast augmentation is performed along with the type of lift, the surgery may last 3 hours. All the sutures are internal and absorbable, obviating the need for removing them. Patients are sent home with a surgical bra which may be removed in 48 hours to shower. In 4 weeks times, full activity may be resumed, including exercise. At 2 months, a regular bra may be worn, while it may be 4 months until the final result is apparent.


    Frequently, women choose to have a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Esmailian offers his patients a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover incorporates several procedures into a single surgery, many women choose to have a breast lift, breast augmentation and Tummy Tuck simultaneously.

    Dr. Farbod Esmailian is one of the top plastic surgeons in Orange County. He and his staff are dedicated to giving their patients the highest quality of care possible. If you are interested in learning more about the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available, contact the office today.


    While a breast lift can be coupled with Breast Augmentation, a breast lift without implants is a procedure that is becoming more popular, especially with patients who want to add life to their figure after age or another element has altered it. A sagging chest or a one flattened by weight fluctuations may just need a breast lift without implants, especially if one has the breast size they desire.

    A breast augmentation (breast implants) may be able to handle minor sagging, and some people opt to have this procedure done rather than having both or just a lift. A combination breast lift with breast augmentation is typically done when you would like to increase the size of your breasts and to fix moderate to major sagging.

    Some are wary of receiving both a breast augmentation and a breast lift, and some will even insist on receiving just a breast augmentation though may have symptoms and desires that a breast lift with implants would be more suitable for. This can be a mistake and might result in a figure that isn’t the ideal you wanted.

    When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon that has the expertise to be able to give you the breasts that you desire, Dr. Esmailian has the credentials, the experience and the education to put your mind at ease. He is here to expertly answer any questions and concerns you may have, and to discuss to option of a breast lift with implants or a breast lift without implants.


    Dr. Esmailian is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is an expert in both the breast lift with implants and the breast lift without implants. He is fluent in breast enhancement techniques and will make recommendations based on his experienced, professional opinion. He listens to what you want out of your breast lift surgery, and works with you to see what the correct procedure or procedures are for you to attain your ideal figure. Call us today to set an appointment for your initial consultation.


    Would my health insurance cover a breast lift procedure?

    A breast lift is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Although a breast reduction has very similar scars and incisions, a breast reduction may be covered by health insurance as long as certain criteria are met which are outlined differently by each insurance carrier. A breast reduction is considered to be medically necessary in those patients that satisfy the requirements. A breast lift removes skin and tightens the breast, leaving the same amount of breast tissue that the patient started with, and brings the breast mound as well as the nipple and areola to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing location.

    My breasts sag; would a breast lift make them perkier?

    A breast lift resolves the breast sag and can make the breast appear perkier. The procedure repositions the breast mound higher up on the chest as well as relocating the nipple and areola to a higher location. There is an increase in the upper pole of the breast, however it is not a substitute for an implant. An implant will increase the upper pole fullness more so than what a lift can do. However, an implant is not a substitute for a breast lift.

    Am I able to have a lift without breast implants?

    A breast lift can and often is performed without breast implants. If you are happy with the amount of breast tissue you have but just feel that your breasts are too low or have excess skin when you are wearing a bra, then a breast lift would tighten up the breast and place it higher up on your chest. If you feel that your breasts are droopy and you have lost volume or don’t have enough volume then a breast lift with implants would be the way to go.

    Is areola reduction part of the breast lift procedure?

    Commonly the areola is reduced in a breast lift procedure with an incision that goes around the areola. The areola is reduced in relation to the size of the breast as well as the size of the nipple.

    Which breast lift incisions or techniques provide the least visible scarring?

    Scaring from a breast lift depends on three factors: the surgeon, the patient and the aftercare. The surgeon: can minimize scaring by the techniques used in the operating room. Tissue handling and the suturing that is performed is imperative to proper wound healing and minimizing the scaring. The patient: every one heals differently and how one particular patient heals has a lot to do with their body and the location of the scars. There can be scars that healing poorly on other parts of the body and will heal great on or around the breast. Lastly, the after care is also part of the healing process and scar treatment is imperative to allowing the incisions to heal their best. Scar treatment should be performed for 12 months to get the best possible outcome. I refer to scar healing by the rules of 33: 33% depends on the surgeon, 33% depends on the patient and 33% depends on the after care.

    Which is better for breasts that sag, the Benelli lift or lollipop incision?

    The Benelli and the Lollipop lifts are both breast lifts that are utilized in certain cases. The Benelli is used for minimal lifts as it relies on the upper breast skin to support the lift. If the upper breast skin is loose is stretchy they it tends to not be a good lift in those patients. Therefore, I reserve the Benelli for patients with minimal lift, mainly those that have asymmetric nipple/areola complexes. The lollipop lift narrows the breast and is a good lift as it pushes the nipple/areola and breast tissue up to a higher location and it does not rely of the upper breast skin as does the Benelli.

    Can uneven breasts be fixed without breast implants?

    Uneven breasts are best fixed with addressing the volume discrepancy by removing breast tissue on the larger side. Also if the nipple and areola are asymmetric this can be performed at the same time. If the smaller breast is too small, then the better option will have to be placing implants. In certain cases, we would reduce both breasts and perform a lift to obtain better symmetry and place implants at same time or as a delayed procedure to augment the breasts.

    Could a breast lift provide me with full, symmetrical breasts?

    A breast lift is an ideal way to make breasts that are a bit asymmetrical more symmetrical. During the procedure, the larger breast can be reduce however amount that is needed to match the smaller breast. This will leave the breasts more symmetrical, more full and lifted up higher on the chest wall.

    Is there any way to have a breast lift without the vertical scar that runs from the nipple to the breast crease?

    Most breasts lift will involve the vertical scar. The only lift that does not involve the vertical scar is the donut mastopexy or Benelli. This would involve an incision that goes around the areola, reducing the areola and lift the areola about 1-2 cm max. This is not a powerful lift and if pushed too much it can result in widening of the areola over time in addition to the scar spreading. This lift is commonly done with an implant.

    Will the scars from a breast lift ever disappear completely?

    Scars from a breast lift will not disappear completely. They will however lighten and fade over time, about a year. There are many factors to how a breast lift scar will heal. One factor is the surgeon and the tissue handling that occurs in the operating room. Second factor is the patient and how the inherent scar healing occurs. Third is the scar treatment (how long and how good the treatment carried out is). Each factor will weigh equally in the final appearance of the breast lift scars.

    Is there any way to lift the breasts without the creation of long scars?

    How long that scars are really depends on how much loose skin there is and how much the breast needs to be lifted. In certain instances, an implant can take up the loose skin that is needed to be removed and the shorter the scars can be. However, an implant will not lift the breasts, meaning, if you need a full lift, an implant will not change that to a lollipop or a donut or even not requiring a lift. An implant is meant to add volume and give more upper pole when a breast lift is done but it is not a substitute for a breast lift.

    Is there any way to lift the breasts naturally?

    The only way to help breasts lift naturally is by a bra. Creams, non invasive procedures such as external ultrasound and some of the newer RF devices will not be a substitute for a breast lift. Only surgery can lift the breast mound and nipple and areola up to a higher location on the chest.

    How long will the results of a breast lift last?

    How long a breast lift will last is variable. Every patient is different and it is the skin quality as well as the postoperative care that will help determine the longevity of the breast lift. Having a breast lift and then going thru pregnancy or weight gain and weight loss will adversely affect the longevity of the result.

    If I have a breast lift, will I still be able to breastfeed?

    Breast feeding is not interfered with if a patient undergoes a breast lift. The key thing to remember here is that if you have a lift and become pregnant and with the possibility of breast feeding, the results may change. We may be looking at recurrent ptosis (droopiness) that may require another lift in the future.

    What kind of bra is best at helping address sagging breasts?

    A good supportive, perhaps underwired bra that “fits properly” is essential to help alleviate sagging breasts and to prevent future drooping after a breast lift. Most women are wearing the wrong sized bra, and that is because most women do not get fitted. Getting properly measured and fitted is important after surgery to help provide long lasting results from a breast lift.

    What should I expect as I recover from my breast lift and how long does it take to recovery fully?

    Initially the breasts will be positioned very high up on the chest, in an un-natural way. Over time the skin and swelling will give way as the breasts begin to settle. It takes about 4 months before everything has softened up and the breast feel and look natural again. During the recovery, patients are to refrain from physical activity for the first 4 weeks. This also mean that there is no side sleeping. We encourage patients to sleep with their back elevated for the first 7 days to help prevent any healing issues. After 4 weeks, patients are allowed to resume full activity, including going to the gym.

    What should I expect as I recover from a breast lift and tummy tuck?

    A breast lift and tummy tuck, commonly referred to as a mommy makeover will generally require 2 weeks off of work and a total of 6 weeks before resuming full activity. It generally takes about 4-6 months before the final results are apparent.

    What can I expect as I recover from a breast lift with an augmentation?

    Adding a breast lift to a breast augmentation procedure does not increase the recovery time. In general we ask out patients to refrain from their desk job for 3-5 days max. After that they can go back to work but no physical activity, including household chores, for 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks, patients are allowed to resume full activity, including going back to the gym.

    How will a breast lift affect the sensation of the nipple-areolar complex?

    The chances of loss of sensation to the nipple areola is generally on the verge of about 5%. In certain cases, it may take up to one year before the sensation returns, but again this is in rare circumstances. Most patients will not have any issues with sensation after the procedure.

    Do all breast lifts result in the patient having dramatically smaller breasts?

    A breast lift does not decrease the size of the breast. A breast lift does not remove any breast tissue, unless it is done to make the breasts more even. Usually, patients who need a breast lift are wearing a bra that is larger than they really should be to help cover the extra skin that they have. Once the breast lift is performed, patients can start wearing the correct bra size as they don’t have the excess skin to deal with. This does result in about a 1 size cup smaller bra, but the breast are still the same size minus the extra skin.

    What should I expect in relation to my sutures following my lift with an augmentation?

    All the suturing that I perform is don’t internally and the sutures are absorbable. This mean there is no added discomfort that happens when sutures have to be removed. The incisions are closed in multiple layers and then are dressing with a special tape that will remain in place for 2 weeks. Patients are allowed to shower after 48 hours and allowed to get the tapes wet. We do ask them to dry the tapes with a blow dryer set on a cooler setting.

    If I lose weight after my breast lift, how will this affect my results?

    We always want out patients to be at a stable weight prior to any cosmetic procedure. Weight loss after surgery may affect the results. The key here is how much of weight loss are we talking about: a couple of pounds? A few pounds here to there usually do not affect your results, but if we are looking at 10 lbs or so this may. Significant amount of weight loss may deflate the breasts and cause some loosening or drooping of the breasts. The more the weight loss, the more the results are affected.

    Could I have a combination procedure that includes a breast lift with fat transfer to create more youthful-looking breasts?

    A breast lift will like the nipple-areola and the breast mound to a higher location on the chest. A breast lift alone will fill in the upper pole of the breast but it will not address the upper pole as well an implants do. Another alternative to implants is to have a breast lift as well as have fat grafting performed to the upper pole of the breasts to help provide additional upper pole fullness. Fat transfer is not a substitute for an implant, as an implant gives predictable results every time, a fat transfer does not. But it is a good alternative for those patients that are not interested in a breast implant.

    Is there an alternative for a breast lift for overly large breasts?

    We would be looking at a breast reduction if the breasts are considered too large for one’s body. A breast reduction is very similar to a breast lift, as the breast is also lifted in a breast reduction. However, in a breast reduction, the breast size is reduced in addition to the lift. The resulting scars are the same between the two procedures, it is what is done on the inside that is different.

    Could I have laser scar removal procedures to address my breast lift scars?

    Currently there is not a laser system that can remove a scar. The laser systems that are available can help flatten a scar and remove some of the redness away. The best procedure is to take care of the scars immediately after the procedure with a good scar management system and to continue with the system for a total of 1 year.
    Orange County Breast Lift Surgery

    Orange County Breast Lift Surgery