A toned, shapely butt is an enviable quality in women. In some cases, women are unable to naturally achieve this quality due to genetics, muscle structure or weight fluctuations. A butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that allows women to get the butt they’ve dreamed of. Dr. Esmailian can provide natural-looking results through his expert application of technique and artistry. For women desirous of a fit, round rump, a butt lift may be the perfect option.


While a butt lift can be done in conjunction with a number of other procedures—such as a total lower body lift—it is also an effective procedure when done alone. A butt lift has two aspects that help achieve results:

  • Excision of excess fat and tissue
  • Augmentation through fat transfer

In some cases, only one aspect is required during the procedure. In other cases, both aspects are taken into account to give the perfect shape and tone.



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After applying local or general anesthetic, depending on what you and he decide, Dr. Esmailian will make an incision that goes horizontally along the lower back. Once this is done, he will pull the skin below the incision upward, allowing him to observe how much excess skin should be remove. Once the skin is removed, the remaining skin is draped over the new contours and the incision is closed.

If a fat transfer is required, it is typically done using fat from the patient’s own body, usually from places that do not need it. The fat is first harvested using liposuction procedures. It is then purified to make it suitable for injection back into the body. Dr. Esmailian then injects the fat using hundreds of tiny injections, ensuring an evenness of application.

As an expert in advanced beautification procedures, Dr. Esmailian is known for delivering one of the best butt lifts Orange County has available. His care and compassion is evident in his stellar results, and his patients regularly report complete joy following their procedure. Please call us today to ask any questions you like.