Orange County Liposuction-Smart Lipo

We get many questions about Orange County liposuction procedures, in particular Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo. Liposuction is a common procedure performed here in Orange County and Newport Beach. Both names refer to the same procedure. Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo is somewhat a newer machine for performing traditional tumescent liposuction. In essence what the procedure involves is the melting of the fat by the laser and then removal of the fat but the traditional method of suctioning the fat.

This is a very popular procedure and is being performed by many non plastic surgeons out there. So be careful when you are looking for the quick fix. Laser Lipo or Smart Lipo is not magical. It is still surgery and involves traditional liposuction in the manner it has been used for many years. After reviewing many results and attending many conferences on the topic, one conclusion I have drawn is that the results obtained are no different than the traditional tumescent liposuction.

If you have any questions regarding Orange County Liposuction and Smart Lipo, you may use the contact form or call us as 562.430.7373.

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