Garden Grove and Los Alamitos Breast Augmentation-Incisions

Dr. Esmailian performs his Garden Grove and Los Alamitos breast augmentation with precision and meticulous handling of the tissues. The obvious need for incisions to be made and made carefully should not be neglected. There are several incisions that may be used to place a saline or silicone breast implant in breast augmentation surgery.

The periareolar incision, is a popular incision and provides direct access to the implant pocket, whether going behind the muscle or in front or in a dual plane position. This incision is probably one of the best healing incisions as the resultant scar is virtually invisible at 6 months to 1 year time. The inframammary is an incision that is made just at the breast tuck and hides very well. This incision is known for providing direct access to the implant pocket and is the incision of choice for larger silicone implants. The TUBA or transumbilical breast augmentation is an approach where a small incision is made in the belly button and the implant is placed through this area. For obvious reasons only saline implants can be placed through this incision. The axillary or armpit incision is similiar to the TUBA as they are both remote incisions are difficult to get silicone implants through.

Dr. Esmailian can discuss with you which incision would suit you best for your Garden Grove and Los Alamitos Breast Augmentation needs.

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