Breast Reconstruction – Stage III

This is the final stage in a series of 3 stages that is required to reconstruction the breast after mastectomy. Please make sure you view the other stages. Stage III breast reconstruction makes up the last and final stage of reconstructing the breast after mastectomy for cancer. This final stage is performed usually 3 months after the second stage breast reconstruction. This final stage surgery is also performed as outpatient surgery where you go homethe same day after the surgery is completed. This is the stage where the final touch ups and the nipple creation is completed. Commonly after mastectomy there is upper pole hollow which would benefit from fat grafting to the area to provide a better contour. The fat is removed from the patients abdomen and hips. Also at times there is excess skin that requires to be removed to provide a better shaped breast. This will all be accomplished during the final stage of the breast reconstruction. The nipple reconstruction will be performed as well with the use of alloderm to help maintain the projection that is created. The nipple is created using a technique call C-V flap. The skin on the patients own breast is used to create the nipple, no grafting is required. Once the nipple has healed the areola which is the dark color around the nipple is tattooed in. The final stage of breast reconstruction is relatively painless and is performed as an outpatient surgery. An abdominal binder is placed for comfort and to help compress the areas where the fat was removed from. A nipple guard is placed which is removed at the follow up visit. If you have any questions to be answered, please call Long Beach Breast Reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Farbod Esmailian at 562.655.8071.

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