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Breast lift is one of the common breast surgery procedures, which also include breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast revision. New patients may not necessarily have a clear idea of which cosmetic surgery procedure may be most suited in their case. Therefore, at the time of initial consultation, an experienced plastic surgeon will try to educate the patient about various aspects of breast lift.

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The surgeon may make use of breast lift before and after pictures for this purpose. Dr. Farbod Esmailian uses these pictures to help his patients in Orange County, Newport Beach, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA, and nearby areas make informed choices.

What are Breast Lift Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of breast lift surgery refer to a set of photographs pertaining to an earlier patient who has received the same procedure effectively. The set includes images taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at a time when the bruising and swelling has resolved and full effects of the surgery are visible.

The plastic surgeon will take these pictures with the consent of the patient, and show them in a discreet manner to new patients. The goal is to educate new patients about the actual difference that a breast lift procedure can make to a patient’s appearance. The images serve as a visual aid during the initial consultation process to explain various aspects of the surgery clearly to the patient.

What are the Benefits?

Each patient has a unique breast anatomy and personal aesthetic goals. The surgeon is in the best position to recommend the most appropriate cosmetic surgery procedures to meet these goals. Sometimes the patient may only need a minor surgical lift, while in other cases an extensive breast lift surgery may be necessary. Some patients may be unhappy with the size of the breasts as well.

In such cases, a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation may be required. The surgeon can help a patient choose the best treatment options when breast lift before and after photos are available. Dr. Esmailian provides access to these photos to his patients in Orange County, Newport Beach, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA, and surrounding communities.

Staying Realistic about the Procedure

Patients who have a positive frame of mind, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations usually tend to achieve the best satisfaction levels from the procedure. With the help of breast lift before and after photos, it is possible to explain to the patient what the procedure can or cannot do for her. The risk that the patient may misunderstand the procedure gets avoided because the pictures will show clearly what to expect in terms of the final outcome.

Online Photos

The surgeon’s practice website can include breast lift before and after photos as a part of the ‘Photo Gallery’ section on the site. New patients can simply access these photos online within the comfort and privacy of their home or office. If they are convinced about the effectiveness of breast lift, they may consider visiting the surgeon’s office for a consultation.

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