Breast Augmentation – What can be done for rippling?

Cerritos breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Farbod Esmailian discusses the options that are available for patients who have breast implants but are unhappy with their results. Rippling is a problem that is not uncommon and is evident in some patients. What can be done with breast implant rippling?

Some patients are at higher risk for breast implant rippling than others. These are patients: who had minimal breast tissue prior to their Cerritos breast augmentation procedure, thin individuals, have had breast implants for a prolonged period of time, implants that are larger than what their body allows, and saline implants.

There are many surgical options and commonly the entire armamentarium is used to reduce the rippling that is caused by Orange County breast implants. The first procedure is to place the implants from a subglandular position to a subpectoral (behind the muscle) position. This helps to camouflage the implant, specially in the superior and medial region. If the implants are saline, then switching the implants to silicone breast implants helps greatly. In certain patients, there is a need for added soft tissue coverage to decrease the breast implant rippling. In these rare cases, material like alloderm or strattice can be used to provide further soft tissue coverage. These are sheets of acellular dermis that provide added coverage and contibute to the thin soft tissue to help decrease the breast implant rippling.

Cerritos breast augmentation and revision services are complicated procedures that need to be addressed in an individualized fashion. You can contact the office of Dr. Farbod Esmailian to discuss your options further.

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