Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

Breast Augmentation Expectations

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Whether it is to correct the negative effects of weight loss or pregnancy on the breasts or simply to improve self-confidence women everywhere are exploring their options for a sexier body. Studies have shown that women fear the recovery following the procedure enough to put off the procedure for years, despite dreaming of bigger, more beautiful breasts. Orange County plastic surgeon, Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon that attempts to make every patient’s recovery experience as easy as possible through a refined technique and excellent post-operative care.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is done to enlarge the breasts to achieve a more well proportioned body that inspires confidence and boosts self-esteem. With accuracy and precision, Dr. Esmailian ensures a natural look and feel of the breasts. At your consultation, he offers his highly experienced opinion on techniques used for the procedure AFTER discussing your goals and how best to achieve them. Issues that will be discussed with you include incision location, breast placement and type of implant. Every patient’s body is different and requires specific treatment during surgery. Dr. Esmailian’s knowledge will assist you in making the best decision about size and shape to fit your body proportionately. With guidance and instruction, recovery will be less traumatic when a patient pays attention to detail and considers all advice for treatment.

Preparation for Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Dr. Esmailian takes every precaution during surgery and minimizes the trauma as much as possible. Every patient’s body is different and requires a unique approach, so how the patient prepares for surgery is a key factor for speedy recovery. Here is what can be done to prepare for surgery:

  • Appoint a driver and a caretaker for surgery date
  • Plan to wear loose clothing, loose bra without an underwire
  • Ask any questions you may have to address your concerns
  • Plan follow-up visits ahead of time
  • Prepare your home for relaxation (Keep books, remotes and laptop at bedside)
  • Have small meals available for at least three days after treatment
  • Request time off from work and school in advance

According to the breast augmentation recovery includes one to two days of post-surgical recovery and reduced activity from a few days to a week. Soreness and swelling does occur for at least a few weeks. Avoid excessive force, abrasion or motion in the chest area during recovery so that your incisions may heal optimally. Following all post-operative instructions is vital for a successful and speedy recovery.

Upon completion of breast augmentation surgery the patient may feel groggy or nauseated. The breasts will be wrapped tightly in compression bandages or a surgical bra. Pain medication can be used to minimize any pain experienced. Some degree of soreness and swelling should be expected after surgery but will fade over time. Refrain from strenuous activities including exercise and heavy lifting to ensure optimal healing and recovery.

Feeling tightness and pressure in the chest is normal for implants placed under the pectoral muscles. The muscles need time to adjust and stretch over the implant. It may feel like the muscles are being pulled or pressed down on the chest, however the feeling will subside as your body begins to accommodate the new contour.

It is important to balance rest and activity. Although strenuous activity is not advised, some movement like walking around the house as tolerated will help get you back to normal. Too much rest and not enough movement can cause soreness, stiffness and even blood clots. Pay attention to the body, rest when tiresome and gradually increase mobility. Dr. Esmailian will provide you with an individualized recovery plan, which, when followed, will make your recovery smooth and successful.

Now that you are more informed on the recovery process you are ready for breast augmentation.

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Esmailian at his Orange County practice and discuss your desires and concerns with a board certified, highly experienced breast augmentation plastic surgeon. After the short recovery period you will be able to get back to your happy and active lifestyle with bigger, beautiful breasts. Take pleasure in your boost of confidence and self-esteem. Find out how easy it is to your breast augmentation done in Orange County today with Dr. Esmailian.

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