Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost Orange CountyA natural concern among most women who come in for a breast augmentation surgery is regarding its cost. Statistics from 2012 claim that average costs of augmentation surgeries come up to $ 3,543. But this again varies based on numerous factors. Here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation surgery costs.

Breast augmentation cost features

The thing about breast augmentation surgeries is, their costs vary based on a numerous factors, from geographical location to the surgeon’s experience. Average costs of implants alone are $ 3,694 and $ 3,308 for silicone and saline implants respectively. The plastic surgeon’s fee is governed by his/her experience in the field. Also, the demand for surgery in the location can play a major role in determining the costs, making the geographical location an important consideration too. Dr. Farbod Esmailian, who practices in Orange County, Newport Beach, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA, says that it is crucial to choose a surgeon with good experience rather than estimating the costs alone. Here are the price considerations you will have to take into account while chalking out your breast augmentation surgery budget:

  • Anesthesia cost
  • Breast implant price
  • Surgical operation center charge
  • Plastic surgeon fee
  • Prescribed medication charges
  • Medical test expenses
  • Post-op surgical garment expense

You should talk to your plastic surgeon to understand if these costs feature in the quoted estimate. Also, while your choosing the type of implants, don’t get swayed by the price alone. Silicone implants have a natural feel, while saline implants are firmer in texture. So pick implants that suit your needs, and your surgeon can help you in figuring out the same as well.

When the cost of the surgery worries you

Breast augmentation surgeries, being a cosmetic surgery, are seldom covered by insurance agencies. Patients can approach surgeons to learn about any financing options that they might have to offer, in case they are concerned about not being able to pay it all up at once. These financing options can help in paying up the net amount in small portions, at interest rates that make it affordable. A few surgeons may ask you to look at affiliate services who offer these installment payouts, to take the upfront financial burden off your back.

Do warranties help?

Your implants won’t remain in the perfectly well-rounded shape that you got them in initially, through a lifetime. They may deflate after a few years, in which case you will have to have them replaced. With augmentation surgeries comes the possibility of having to undergo other reconstructive surgeries in the future, which you have to be aware of before going under the knife. While you can’t pinpoint the exact duration an implant will last, you can certainly rely on warranty policies offered during the initial augmentation surgery to prepare yourself for a second cosmetic surgery. Some augmentation surgeries come with lifetime replacement policies, and others may offer a discounted fee for the same. Either way, talk to your surgeon to understand the financing and warranty policies that the surgical facility has to offer, if any.

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