Breast Augmentation and Lift – Going Smaller

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Esmailian specializes in breast augmentation and breast lift. In one particular instance, going to a smaller implant size, there is a possibility of needing a breast lift performed at the same surgery.

Downsizing with a smaller implant is not very common procedure, however it is essential to evaluate the breast preoperatively to determine if a breast lift is required. Several factors are looked at like age, how long the patient has had the breast implants, how big the current implants are and how much smaller the patient wants to be, and also the skin tone. The breast envelope is examined by Dr. Esmailian and after taking into account all the above, he will make his determination whether a breast lift or mastopexy will be required with the smaller implant.

In certain cases, a patient’s breast may be borderline as to whether a lift is needed or not. In these cases if the patient chooses, the remove and replacement can be performed and later on once everything has settled, if a breast lift is needed then, it can be performed at that time.

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