Best Candidates for Breast Implants

Breast implant cosmetic surgery is designed to increase the size of the breasts in proportion to the rest of the body. A growing number of American women are seeking procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction following advancements in surgical techniques and improved safety profile of these procedures.

Dr. Farbod Esmailian is an experienced surgeon providing breast surgery procedures to patients in Orange County, Newport Beach, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA, and other areas. During the initial consultation, Dr. Esmailian will examine various aspects to determine whether the patient is a stellar candidate for breast implants.

Age Restriction for Breast Implants

The FDA has approved the use of both saline and silicone gel based breast implants for cosmetic breast enhancement. However, it has imposed a minimum age requirement to ensure only women with fully developed breasts, and those who able to sustain the procedure physiologically as well as emotionally may undergo breast augmentation. The woman candidate should be above 18 years of age for saline implants, and above 21 years for silicone implants.

Who may not be a fit candidate?

While many women are keen to seek procedures such as breast implants, breast lift, breast reduction and others, but not every woman may be in a fit condition to receive the procedure. Dr. Esmailian will consider several factors and then make a recommendation whether the patient is fit for a breast augmentation surgery or not.

Patients in Orange County, Newport Beach, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA, and nearby areas have an opportunity to consult him for breast surgeries. The following candidates may be advised against the procedure:

  • The woman suffers from an active infection that needs priority treatment over a cosmetic procedure.
  • Symptoms of cancer or pre-cancer have yet to be treated adequately.
  • The woman is currently pregnancy or nursing.

Evaluation of a Patient

Certain physiological and emotional factors will typically play a role in the choice of a suitable candidate for breast implants:

  • Medical history of the patient and overall physical health.
  • Whether the patient has been smoking, drinking or consuming certain types of drugs, and for how long.
  • Whether the patient has received breast surgeries in the past.
  • What is the patient’s typical tendency to bleed?
  • Is the patient susceptible to infections?
  • The patient’s personal predisposition to developing capsular contracture.

Suitable Candidate

A patient with one or more of the following attributes can be considered a suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery:

  • The patient’s breast size is naturally small.
  • The breast size is near normal, but the patient desires a bigger size for aesthetic reasons.
  • The patient has lost breast volume after pregnancy, nursing, or substantial weight loss.
  • The size or shape of the breasts is uneven.
  • Patient has lost breast tissue after a mastectomy or breast injury.

A cosmetic surgeon will encourage the patient to have a positive mindset, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations. Such patients will usually achieve the best satisfaction levels from a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation.

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