Breast Reduction – How small can you go?

Long Beach Breast Reduction Surgery can be performed as an outpatient surgery. The surgery itself lasts 3-4 hours and results in smaller and more uplifted breasts. The tradeoff is the scars that remain after the surgery. However, most women are in so much discomfort that it is a well worth it trade off.

I am frequently asked “How small can I have my breasts?” The answer to that questions is not a straighforward one. A lot depends on how much breast tissue you have to start with. We can certainly make the breasts very small, but from an aesthetic standpoint we also need to take into consideration the over all shape and form of the resulting breasts and also their relationship to the rest of the body. Long Beach Breast Reduction Surgery is one of the most satisfying procedures that a board certified plastic surgeon can perform which makes the procedure very worthwhile for the patient. The one thing that would offset this result would be to make the breasts too small for the patient body.

This procedure may be covered by your insurance company, however, insurance companies have preset amounts of breast tissue that need to be removed to consider the procedure “medically necessary.” This is based on the patients Body Surface Area (BSA), which is calculated by the height and weight. This translates into a number which the insurance companies have set minimum limits of breast tissue that needs to be removed (in grams) in order for them to provide converage. In most occasions, the amount that they requires tends to be overly excessive for the patients height and weight. In these cases, I inform the patient the resulting breasts size would not be acceptable for that particular patients body. In these cases, it is possible to proceed forth with surgery however, the Long Beach Breast Reduction Surgery would not be covered by the insurance company.

Therefore, the answer to Long Beach Breast Reduction Surgery-How small can you go? is not a very simple one. The amount to be removed needs to be determined by a board certified plastic surgeon and the patient undergoing the procedure.

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